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My life's mission is to motivate individuals to create an ​MVP-focused Life"- a life of mission, vision, and purpose.

-Azure Rooths

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Individual & Group Coaching

A practical approach to coaching with tangible tools to ensure success.

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Training & Development

Data-driven strategies that match to the diverse learning styles of adults.

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Business Consulting

Let us point your business in the right direction, using a mix of foresight and insight.

Every woman needs a moment in life when she prioritizes herself.

This could be yours!

Enhanced Excellence, led by Azure Rooths, stands as the premier destination for personalized coaching, training, and development services. Dedicated to helping individuals who feel stuck in their lives, we partner in fostering a journey towards a life filled with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

Our founder, a veteran personal and executive coach, has dedicated over 20 years to guiding women from various backgrounds on transformative journeys. Her sole focus is to support women who are making a significant impact in the world, aiding them in discovering their true potential and achieving their wildest dreams.

Have You

Felt Like...

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You manage everyone's life, but your own

You "escape the day" with mundane scrolling on Social Media because you don't have the energy to do anything else

You've evaluated your life but struggle to execute on your goals and dreams

You know you need to be more intentional about your time, health wealth, and relationships but don't know where to begin

You know you were created to make a difference, but you feel insignificant because you've erased your wins

You have the energy to help everyone else, but yourself and your health is impacted

Who We Serve

We work with professional and successful ​women who are seeking to define their ​purpose and passion. Our coaches utilize a ​practical approach to assess your vision which ​aids in implementing tangible tools for you to ​experience outrageous outcomes.

We offer tailor-made programing that cater to ​your needs and practical tools to help you ​achieve success.

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Our Coaches Help You Define:


We provide ​services that ​equips and ​empowers woman ​to achieve ​strategic success


We aim to see ​woman living a life ​of mission, vision, ​and purpose.


We deliver ​excellent service ​which builds ​loyalty and ​sustains ​relationships

“Lack of clarity is the primary reason for failure in business and personal life.”

-Brian Tracy, Peter Chee, 12 Disciplines of Leadership Excellence

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Azure Von ​Rooths

Azure Rooths is the founder of Enhanced Excellence Coaching, Development ​& Training Group and has been described as a thought-leader and teammate ​who finds joy when lives are transformed.

She helps individuals identify significant breakdowns and partners with them to ​implement strategies to produce success both personal and professional. Over ​20 years of leadership experience in various governmental, nonprofit, and ​community learning settings, she is recognized for demonstrating servant ​leadership, developing diplomacy in her approach to cultural competence, ​practicing emotional intelligence skills when leading people and creatively ​managing projects. She has trained and coached thousands of people ​throughout the US in the areas of financial, emotional, personal, spiritual and ​professional development. Azure has the "jeni' se qua;" her resume includes ​everyone from K-12 students, higher education, inmates, corporate executives, ​and heads of state making her a well versed in connecting with her audience. Her ​superpower is her ability to connect with every audience!

Azure enjoys spending time with family and laughing with friends. Her favorite ​pastimes include walking, pilates, and watching movies from the ’80s and ​’90s. Azure’s goal is to motivate individuals to create the M.V.P.-focused life – ​a life of mission, vision, and purpose.

Don’t take our word for it!

Our satisfied clients say it best!

Azure also helped me to develop ​my personal mission statement ​and she never allowed me to ​settle for mediocre.

Rosemary Whitely

Adult Instructor

Azure is funny, relatable, and ​shows her opportunities for ​growth. I like her approach of ​talking things out and setting ​bite size deliverables that lead ​to major breakthroughs.

Dee Patrick

Mary Kay Consultant

Looking for a Presenter or Keynote Speaker for your next Event?

We‘ve got you covered!

Azure Von

Speaker, Coach, Facilitator & Host

signature topics INCLUDE:

  • Fear: The Ultimate Eraser and Thief of Memories
  • Understanding Trauma-Informed Management
  • Creating a Culture of Respect
  • Listen UP: Understanding Purpose
  • Feel Better - Emotional Intelligence 101

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